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Homework for 3rd and 4th Class.

The proposed work can be completed over the coming two weeks.




A-Z Family Quiz

Help will be required from mum, dad, brothers, sisters and of course GOOGLE.

Complete the worksheet by whatever means possible and send a photo of the completed sheet to my email Those who can complete the worksheet will be in with a chance of winning a cool prize. The raffle will take place on Tuesday 17th at the start of the next collection of homework.




Reading: The Puppy Campaign, Green Fingers, Penalty and China

These short stories that should be prepared and then read aloud to your parents. Two stories per week.

Writing: Birds: Complete part A and write a funny paragraph on the moment The Ugly Duckling was born from his mums point of view.

Spellings: Week 25 and week 26

Exercises on the life of Walt Disney



Revision of tables. I included a multiplication square for help when needed.

Topic : Weight

Complete the exercise on the worksheet.



Aonad 12 An Scoil

Aonad 28 Na Litreacha (th)

Léigh an scéal ‘Ag Rothaíocht’ agus déan na cleachtaí.

(Read the story and do the exercises)




Complete the blank map of Ireland.

Use the coloured physical map of Ireland to help with completing the exercises on the rivers, lakes of Ireland. This coloured map will be needed in the coming weeks.




Continue with your Family Tree project. I included a word search on My Family which can be put into the project.