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The have very kindly made their fabulous She Can! colouring book free to download while schools are closed. Produced with award-winning illustrator Chris Judge, She Can! features some of the best female sports stars we have; like Louise Quinn, Rachael Blackmore, Katie Taylor and Annalise Murphy. The book contains bios of each of the athletes along with fun Q&A

​Click here for the link to download your copy now

Suggested school work 5th/6th class



Leigh sa bhaile: ceann amháin gach lá

Seo leat: L.106 An Sciopaton

L.112 Thios ag an abhainn

Ceart litriu

Unit 17 &18

Interactive activities are available on


Mental Maths: one page per day

Planet Maths 5th

P.181 Chance

Planet Maths 6th

P.126 Chance


Chance and probability activiites

Weekly packs for parents are available for free on


Spellbound: week 31

English in practice: one per day

Go with the flow:20 minutes per day

Above the clouds 5th class

P.218 Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts

P.224 The accident

Flying high 6th class

P.175 The wolf wilder

P.182    Life in Russia

Corresponding pages in portfolio book



Grow in love


Each of us is Gods masterpiece



Project idea on Russia for your scrapbook

Fact file, famous people, History ,landmarks, bordering countries.



Small world

Unit 16 and 17   The Great famine

The National famine commemoration took place last weekend. Watch the ceremony on RTE player.

Find the locations of 5 great famine monuments around Ireland.


Make a model of a cottiers cottage


“Spraying the potatoes” by Patrick Kavanagh